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Table olive are the best source of probiotics.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

According to research, the consumption of table olives can strengthen the natural defences of consumers. Table olives could become the main probiotic fermented vegetable product on the market in the future.

The latest figures provided by researchers of the Probiolives Project show that some of the lactic acid bacteria generated in the fermentation of table olives provide better results than other bacteria already recognised as probiotic microorganisms and which are currently used in various dairy products.

The regular consumption of olives contributes to meeting the recommended daily amounts of fibre; olives are a source of oleic acid and they contain carbohydrates and proteins. Olives also contain minerals such as sodium, iron, calcium and magnesium, which is of particular importance for people who practice sports in relation to muscle contraction and nerve impulses. One of the main nutrients in table olives are polyphenols and the provitamins A and E, which have anti-oxidant properties that help provide a defence against oxidation processes that occur during sport, affecting both performance during exercise and in the recuperation period.


International Olive Council 12/17