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Tuscany Bread Dipping Seasoning

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Even in the tiniest of Italian restaurants, you will find loaves of the freshest bread on table tops, steaming and ready to be eaten. Beside that bread there is olive oil, and possibly some spices in glass shakers with a familiar, dented metal cap. Maybe the olive oil has been previously seasoned by a chef who has spent his whole life behind a stove top, hands shaking as he gets the proportions just right, or it has been left a blank canvas for you to decide what spices you need to add. Either way, Organic Tuscany is a perfect partner for that Italian olive oil.

This bread dipping seasoning has all the classic Italian herbs, like rosemary and basil, but it also has the spicy, yet still classically Italian, red pepper flakes. Our most popular dipping seasoning blend. This blend is zesty, savory, garlicky, and perfect for imagining what Italy might taste like, especially if you’ve never been.