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Homemade pappardelle with Tuscan ragu

Pappardelle della casa al ragù toscano

Ingredients for meat sauce:

-       250 gr beef ground meat (chianina beef, if available)

-       250 gr pork ground meat (boar, if available)

-       1 onions

-       2 pcs celery

-       1 carrot

-       100 gr extra virgin olive oil from The Mighty Olive

-       100 gr dry red wine

-       800 gr peeled tomatoes

-       2 table spoons  tomato paste ( not necessary, depends on your taste)

-       Clove

-       nutmeg

Ingredients for pasta:

-       100 gr white flour “00”

-       100 gr semolina pasta flour (made from durum wheat)

-       100 gr "0" Manitoba Flour (Manitoba flour (Farina Manitoba) is flour made from the Manitoba variety of hard wheat, grown in Canada and the States that has a high protein content.)

-       3 Eggs

-       Salt

-       Water

Method (pasta) :

Put white flour on the wooden board ( like a small mountain), make a hole to create a small valley and put the egg in it. Mix the egg with the flour using the fork till you have the dough to work by hand. Work the dough till it becomes smooth, make a ball, wrap it in a film and put in a refrigerator for 30 min before to make pasta. Roll into a thin sheet and cut into pappardelle (wide noodles). Cook in a boiling water for 5 min.


Method (sauce) :

Chop all vegetables in a food processor. Fry chopped vegetables in a pot, add minced meat and cook it for 20 min, add red wine, cook for another 10 min. Add blended peeled tomatoes, salt, pepper, tomato paste (if you prefer). Cook for 2 – 2,5 hours at low fire.

Restaurante Villa Schiatti, Castiglion Fiorentino