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Risotto with zucchini blossoms and shrimps

Ingredients for risotto:

-       300 gr rice Parboiled or Carnaroli type ( 4 portions)

-       200 gr shrimps

-       3 cloves of chopped garlic

-       Salt

-       50 gr extra virgin olive oil from The mighty Olive

Ingredients for fish stock:

-       1 l boiling water

-       1 ps of celery

-       1 onions

-       1 tomato

-       1 carrot

-       Salt

-       Fish head, fish fins

Method for fish stock:

        Boil water, add all vegetables and fish, cook for 1 hour

Ingredients for shrimp shells sauce:

-       Shrimp shells & heads

-       0,5 l water

-       Salt, pepper

-       100 ml extra virgin olive oil from The Mighty Olive

Method for shrimp shell sauce:

       Add shrimp shells and heads in a hot frying pan with extra virgin olive oil, cook it for 5 min,   add water, let it boil and cook it for 1 hour without cover so the water will evaporate and the sauce will become more dense .

Method for shrimps and zucchini blossoms sauce:

     Add chopped garlic in a frying pan with hot extra virgin olive oil, let garlic become golden color, add shrimps and blossom flowers (shrimps & blossoms entire or cut them in pieces). Cook it for 5 min.

Method risotto:


1)      Toast rice

Add rice in a Teflon frying pan with hot extra virgin olive oil and toast it turning every 1-2 min till it becomes golden color.

Add shrimps & blossoms sauce, some fish broth, some shrimp shell sauce and cook it altogether at low fire turning every 3- 4 minutes. Add fish broth & shrimp shell sauce as soon at it requires, the rice should have enough liquid to cook. Continue cooking like this for 20 – 25 min. add salt, pepper and serve it.


Restaurante Villa Schiatti, Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy